***If you need to cancel for any reason, 2 days notice is needed or class fee may not be refunded.

Knitting classes aren't just a great way to learn new skills, it's a great way to meet people who share your craft!

Please sign up for classes early as they tend to fill quickly.  We can only guarantee a seat to those students who have paid their class fee.

Unless noted otherwise, you do need to sign up prior to the class.  We've had to turn away people dropping in due to lack of space.

Unless there are materials that aren't available, they should be purchased at The Knitting Room.***


 Magic Loop Cup/can Holder Class
Saturday, September 13th and October 4th from 11:00-12:30

Learn the truly magical technique of magic loop to create your own can/beer holder mitt.  Great for gift giving in Wisconsin!  **You'll never have to use double points again.**


  • Approximately 100 yds of worsted weight yarn
  • A US size 7, 32" or 40" circular needle
  • Darning needle for grafting and ends (not needed until part 2 of class)
  • Pattern will be provided by instructor

Skill level: Beginner

Class fee: $35

2 at a Time Toe-Up Sock Class
Saturday, September 23rd and October 14th from 6-7:30

End that "one sock syndrome" by learning to make 2 socks at a time from the toe up.


Skill level: Intermediate or adventurous beginner.  While it's not necessary, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you know how to use magic loop.

Class fee: $35

Cast on Class
Saturday, September 27th from 11-12:30

Expand your knitting arsenal by learning a variety of cast on techniques.  Techniques will vary from basic to ornamental.


  • Approximately 30 yards of worsted or Aran weight yarn and recommended needle size to go with it.
  • Another 10 yards of worsted or Aran for cast ons requiring multiple strands
  • Appropriate needle to go with your yarn choice

Skill level: Beginner

Class fee: $15

Bind Off Class
Saturday, October 11th from 11-12:30

Find the perfect way to finish your knitted creations with a variety of bind off techniques. 

There is a little bit of homework for this one.  You'll either need 4 swatches in stockinette, about 4" across, about an inch or so long, or you can do 2 longer swatches that measure 8" across (on a worsted weight, this would be 20 or 40 stitches).  It should be worsted weight or close to it, on the appropriate needle size for that yarn.

Skill level: Beginner

Class fee: $15


Beginning Knitting or Crochet Class

Beginning knitting and crochet lessons will be scheduled individually in two, 1 1/2 hour sessions for a fee of $30.

We're also always glad to provide private knitting lessons that are project or skill specific for all levels of knitters.  Private lessons are $25 per hour.

Please call to schedule yours at 920-906-4800.





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